measure market trends, compare & buy in real time


  1. Never search a supplier’s catalogue again
  2. Build your own catalogue with suppliers managing data input
  3. Find, compare & buy products in minutes
  4. Supports complex analytical data: maintenance, parts & consumables all compared in real time
Key Features

Quick automated creation with 100 pre- built fields, supports parts, standards, options, warranties & consumables with easy comparison tables. Pricing supports volume discounts, upgrades, minimum orders & packages. Great for complex plant & machinery, IC&T & medical application.

Key Benefits

OpenCatalogue forms a bridge between internal stakeholders eg. the technical user needing deep technical & specification data, and the strategic buyer wanting price trends & volume leverage.

OpenCatalogue allows you to scale your needs, you may have an order catalogue but need technical data feeds, parts and accessories, and you can run it using the integrated shopping basket and P2P cycle to manage the order life cycle all within a single application.

How It Works

It takes minutes to build 100’s of preset fields, it’s highly customisable supporting unlimited technical specifications along with multiple currencies, volume buy rates, warranty pricing, maintenance, online consumables, technical standards and manuals.

More About OpenCatalogue

OpenCatalogue is a hybrid of tender, order catalogue, specification brochures and buying cube all in a user-friendly shell. It replaces 3-year tender cycles with continuous connection to your supply panel. Stepping into a price driven world is simple, you specify your product requirements, invite suppliers and they push content and pricing back to your OpenCatelogue giving continuous buy positions to you.

Price benchmarking, product comparisons and ratings, allow you to be in touch with the market 24/7