KPI Planner

Manage contract & SLA performance & risk


KPI Planner
  1. Central dashboard
  2. Rapid deployment
  3. Automated KPI monitoring with 360 degree views
  4. Alerts & push engagement tools
Key Features

Performance based contracts can reduce costs and mitigate risk but developing KPIs and implementing performance management can be complex. KPI Planner uses a central dashboard to implement & measure target based KPI’s with techniques such as 360-degree mapping, benchmarking, push scheduling and automated alerts, you’ll have full control over the costs & risks that impact your business.

Key Benefits

With a central performance dashboard across contracts, projects and sites, the moment a KPI is engaged a supplier’s performance target is locked in and benchmarking begins for the life of the contract or project. Users don’t need to be trained on each individual event, rather how to manage events. All reporting and benchmarking is fully automated, operators can access KPI assessment guides so new operators can take on new workloads with minimal training.

How It Works

Every KPI comes with integrated checks on how to respond to KPIs, how to assess supplier responses, how to instigate penalties or bonus allocations on performance based contracts. KPI Planner offers rapid deployment, once a KPI is selected it is automatically scheduled, the system applies performance targets for the contract then automatically alerts the individuals managing the event. Planning and allocating KPIs are enabled through libraries of SLAs & KPIs, so allocating the correct KPI for a specific contract is nothing more than selecting your contract profile and inserting the appropriate library clause.

More About KPI Planner

KPI Planner connects suppliers to their obligations on a continuous basis. Your KPIs are integrated into the supplier’s online access, so there are no missed events, and email alerts ensure all team members are aware of their obligations. Full audit loads allow all parties to see historic activities and all future activities from a contract obligations view.