full visibility across your entire supply network


  1. Share documents, chat, negotiate with audit controls & no email
  2. Connect suppliers to contracts, sites & projects
  3. Manage KPI’s & SLA’s to reduce costs & mitigate risk
  4. Unlimited staff / supplier access to every application & document with read only & lock out controls
Key Features

Improved collaboration & efficiency will save you hours of time with contracts, events, & key dates in one place. Manage KPI’s & SLA’s and implement Budgets & Cash Burn comparisons. Ensure projects are managed on time & budget, measure project KPIs with 360 degree views. Connect your staff & supplier panel, both have unlimited access with definable authorities.

Key Benefits

We’ll track your procurement spend and future exposure, creating a single point of truth and implementing robust risk management & KPI based performance. But the key purpose of Workshare is to build quality data, to empower your negotiations, have a 360 degree view of your suppliers, and create big data analytics to identify new opportunities to drive down costs

How It Works

Workshare automatically connects suppliers to every contract, project and catalogue, with file sharing, chat forums, activity logs and events. It uses responsive mobile technology to ensure continuous feedback and communication, and with instant click & share technology you and your suppliers are always in touch. With unlimited users & free access to suppliers there are no barriers to the benefits you can achieve.

More About WorkShare

Enterprises spend years and a lot of money building their supply chain, but there’s often little visibility or measurement of procurement performance, and yet this is the second largest business cost. So savings in both time and lower prices go straight to the bottom line and can make a significant contribution to increased profit and enterprise value.